Don't be afraid of ginseng

 (10ml x 20ea) x 3set

Get to know Smart Ginseng!

Saponin that ginseng contains is good for human. However, since human body can be very sensitive to saponin...

It can cause side effects when it is not properly digested.

However, there has been ways to digest ginseng without causing side effects.

When other natural ingredients are added to ginseng, it can prevent human body from experiencing side effects such as fever, headache, and etc.

Smart Ginseng consists of seven different natural ingredients including ginseng. Together, they will be absorbed into human body without causing side effects.

Highest quality Ginseng

 The ginseng used for Smart Ginseng grows in Geumsan where most of the highest quality ginseng is grown.

Smart Ginseng uses 5 year old ginseng.

Korean law requires all Korean ginseng which would be used for medicinal purposes to go through process of evaluation every two years,The Korean ginseng that is used in Smart Ginseng evaluated every year to maintain and prove the highest quality.

Follow us to Geumsan to find the best quality ginseng, our key ingredient.

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Well- founded harmony between ingredients 

 Though Korean Ginseng is known for its various health benefits, some are hesitant to integrate ginseng into their dietary supplement because some people experience fever during and after taking it, 
The fever some people experience is mainly due to not being able to properly digest ginseng.

Smart Ginseng is formulated by licensed herbalist. The licensed herbalist added other natural ingredients that help digestion of ginseng so that it can be taken by everyone without causing fever.



 The above pictures are the natural ingredients that consist of Smart Ginseng.
Smart Ginseng does not contain any artificial additive other than these seven natural ingredients including the highest quality Korean ginseng.

GMP Company Produce

Smart Ginseng is produced by Wonilbio company that receives GMP certification.


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Smart Ginseng Manufature process


 Doctor.Go, founder of SUNNPINE, gives his own two daughters

Smart Ginseng daily.

Elder daughter on right side 5. Second child on the left 11 month old.

Elder one take 1 packet daily and 11 month old takes half packet daily.

They are growing up so healthy.

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